Feb 01,2009

Mikumbila Community School, 2009

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Previously there were…

Children desperate for new classrooms

In 2009, Mikumbila Community School had a two classroom block and a temporary outdoor classroom

Children learning without furniture

Children on stones on the floor, balancing their notebooks on their laps. This made learning very difficult!

Community members keen to help

In May 2009, after months of planning, we started building two new classrooms. The local community helped with the design, the building and collection of materials. The building used our innovative hexagonal classroom design, Parry roof tiles and stabilised soil blocks, all made on site by trainees.


What we did with your support…

New classrooms

Along with an office and latrines. The school was officially opened by Chief Nkole in August 2010, when 750 attended the opening ceremony.

20 Young adults trained in construction

Mikumbila was the first project unemployed young individuals were trained at, and it has proved to be a great success!


Looking forward…

3 new teachers houses

The school registered 386 children in 2017 meaning it is growing successfully from the 189 in 2009. The result is a need for more teachers!

The Ministry of Education has now re-graded the school as ‘grade 3’ and provided three additional trained teachers, new literacy materials, books. The school has also seen improved grades thanks to better teaching facilities.


The school has used the extra land on the site to farm corn and beans. The money raised from these creative endeavours are used to further fund the schools.

2 unit preschool

The school has also been given the full title of primary school rather than community school.


According to headmistress Melody Chimese, during  careers day in the first term of this year most of the interviewed many of the children want to become teachers, doctors and nurses!