Mwala Community School, Phase 1&2

Previously there was:

The previous school was established in 1992 as a response to pupils having to walk 7km to get to the nearest government school. The school had an existing 1×3 classroom block and one temporary UNICEF tent. The school is located in Kapiri District, Central Province, Zambia.

What we did with your support:

In 2014 we built a latrine block for the Mwala community and provided access to clean water. We continued our work at Mwala the following year by building three new classrooms. There were 267 boys and 255 girls enrolled at the school, all 522 children shared just three classrooms and one temporary tent.

16 men and 4 women were selected to join our training programme. The trainees learned on site and earned a nationally recognised building certificate having passed their exams. This qualification gives the graduates the ability to find work more easily.

The 2000 community members benefited from the new building and clean water supply, saving them much time.

Since we left…

When we caught up with the Mwala trainees in our 2018 impact study, we found the community members were still very active in construction with females averaging 14.2 days per month and males 11.4 days.

The new classroom block has also enabled the school to add Grade 9 capacity. In 2018 the number of pupils enrolled at the school had increased to 715.

Mwala school is gazetted and part of the government school system. The government has provided 15 trained teachers at the school.