Feb 01,2014

Shipungu Community School, 2012

Previously there was:

Shipungu Community School was started by the local community over 10 years ago as there was no other school in the immediate area.

The Shipungu area is named after the river which flows through the area which includes two villages, Sokoni and Juda.  There are about 800 children in the Shipungu area; almost half of the total population. The new school provides places for 235 children.


With your support:

We used a techology called rammed earth to build the new classrooms at Shipunugu. It was the first time Build It used this technique; walls are constructed by compacting soil in-between temporary formwork panels, compressing layer upon layer, creating a solid block of earth.


Since we left…

The new rammed earth classrooms have increased the schools capacity and provide a far better learning environment. We have also built teachers houses and latrine facilities.