Jan 21,2015

Shipungu Teachers’ House and Latrine, 2014

We have built a teachers’ house and a latrine at Shipungu, training 11 men and women from the community with basic building skills.

The story of Shipungu

In 2012, Build It International built a rammed earth classroom block in Shipungu, Kapiri. In 2014 we built a teachers’ house and a latrine

235 Pupils

The school has 235 pupils enrolled, providing education for grades 1-7

11 Trainees

11 trainees were trained basic building skills and bricklaying whilst building the teachers’ house. The trainees took a TEVETA bricklaying exam, enabling them to earn a living in construction and provide for themselves and their families.


Meet the Shipungu Trainees

The rammed earth construction method used to build the classroom meant trainees received no bricklaying training. The trainees are building the house using mud blocks to gain practical knowledge of the bricklaying skills needed to take the TEVETA exam.