Raising the roof at Libuyu Health Centre

The roof has gone up on the new Maternity and Infant Health Unit at Libuyu Health Centre. This is an exciting milestone in the project.

The new unit will house an antenatal ward and a postnatal ward, as well as a new delivery room. The existing building will also be modernised and reconfigured, to help the clinic improve the healthcare services it can provide to the surrounding community.

The improvements will benefit local residents like Mrs Mwila Kayata, who moved to Libuyu Community with her husband a year ago. They are now proud parents to two-month old twins.

Mrs Mwila Kayata, with Mwila and Magili who were unimpressed with their BCG vaccinations!

Proud mum Mrs Mwila Kayata at Libuyu Health Centre

Mwila is happy about the new maternity annex: “I feel that mothers who were perhaps hesitant about seeking antenatal and postnatal services from the existing clinic, will change their mind when they see the new facilities available to them.”

Construction has progressed well – casting of the concrete top beam

Casting of the concrete top beam at Libuyu Health Centre

Construction of trusses. All the timber is treated with wood preservative

Construction of trusses at Libuyu Health Centre

Mounting of the main rafters. The team are harnessed when working at height

Mounting of the main rafters at Libuyu Health Centre

Timber roof structure at Libuyu Health Centre

With the timber structure in place, the team moved onto the roof covering

New roof on the Maternity and Infant Health Unit at Libuyu Health Centre

The building is due to be completed in spring 2022.