Community building projects


Zambia needs thousands of new classrooms and health facilities. Build It has completed over 40 community building projects bringing essential services to some of Zambia's most disadvantaged communities


Although the Zambian economy has steadily grown in recent years, the level of poverty remains stubbornly high. Many of Zambia’s children and young people are being forgotten. They are falling through the cracks of the education system and without skills and qualifications, their prospects are limited.

Zambia is a tough place to grow up but there are real opportunities to transform lives. Our building projects give local communities access to new, high quality school facilities and clinics. The projects offer our construction trainees valuable work experience. They put their new skills into practice, helping to strengthen their chance of finding employment and to earn a decent living.

We carefully consider the environmental impact and energy costs of all our projects. We use local building materials, sustainable technologies and improved designs that are appropriate to the local community. We build latrines at all our projects to improve the health and well-being of children and encourage more girls to remain in school. At projects without clean water, we drill a borehole and install a water pump.

Our 2018 community projects at Machaya and Kamaila are now well underway.


This overcrowded community school for vulnerable children and orphans is being evicted from its current premises at Dudzai village, 10 miles north of Lusaka. The school currently uses a rented building owned by a family that lives abroad who have given the school notice to vacate the property.

Thankfully, the community has managed to secure a new plot in Machaya, an area nearby but we need your support to build a high quality three-classroom block. We also want to build new latrines for the children, and add a new pump bringing clean water to the community.

Visit our News page for updates on the work at Machaya


Kamaila is a Government supported school with 20 teachers and over 1,000 children. The school has just eight classrooms including a new science lab and computer room. Already there are too few classrooms, with classes split between morning and afternoon school to support as many children as possible. Added to this, four classrooms have been condemned as they are unsafe and are due to be demolished imminently.

The dynamic head teacher, Mrs Simpande Jolly Luzango, has established a well organised, effective school with motivated teachers and extra-curricular activities but the school is seriously overcrowded. The community has asked for help to build new classrooms for their children. Although not able to contribute financially, they have already collected over 250 tonnes of sand, stone and gravel for the build.

Visit our News page for updates on the work at Kamaila