Our impact


Our annual independent impact study provides evidence of how life has changed for the trainees and communities we work with.


We have been carrying out these studies since 2013. Each one enhances our learning, captures key insights and documents the value our work has added. They help us identify what has worked well, and what we can improve.

2021 Impact Study

Our most recent study was carried out in November 2021. It looks at our Training into Work programme and community buildings from 2015, 2018 and 2019.

In line with previous years, the study continues to show a trend of positive change. Our skills training empowers young people with skills and opportunity to find work.

The challenges

Some of the outcomes are not as strong as in the 2020 study. This is likely due to the economic downturn as a result of COVID-19, with the construction sector suffering as a result. Political uncertainty has also played a part.

The study highlights the vulnerabilities of young people to unemployment. 60% of the graduates in our study said they had been affected negatively by COVID-19 with 63% saying their income had been affected and 46% saying they had unexpectedly lost their jobs. Providing skills and training to young people is vital to help them navigate challenging times.

Despite the challenges, we continue to see positive trends in building brighter futures for young people in Zambia:

Graduate Agness from Katuba

We caught up with Agness as part of the 2021 Impact Study.

Agness was 23 years old when she joined our training programme in 2015.

“I wanted to have the knowledge and skill in construction to have a job and an income. During the training, we finished with theory, and then we did our practical building Katuba Community School.

Not only did I benefit from the learning, but our community benefited too because our children now have a school nearby, and as parents, we stopped going very far to escort our children to school. This project brought life to our community.

Weeks later I started looking for piece jobs in the community, such as building toilets, and l managed to get a few jobs… I used the skill I got from Build It and created a five roomed house with the help of my cousin.

In addition to building the house, I managed to get some farming equipment that helped me start farming… From the money l received from farm products, I managed to develop a new business idea. I have now bought some material and I want to build a bar.”

The full 2021 Impact Study report is available on request.

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