Work at Katuba Community School Kicks Off

20 new trainees have begun to construct a new classroom block, teachers’ house and latrine in Katuba, a remote Zambian community.

Katuba 15.07. trainees site clearance 1600

12 men and 8 women have been selected from the local community and have completed a ten day intensive basic training course. They will learn construction skills on the job as they build a new classroom, teachers’ house and latrine block for their community over the next 5 months.

A lot of work has already taken place at Katuba. A borehole has been drilled and a new water pump has been installed. This is the first time that the community has had access to a clean and safe water source.

The trainees are currently digging the excavations and will soon begin to lay the foundations of the new classrooms and house.

Katuba 15.07. Trainee Andrew

“This is my first time building; I have been learning about bricklaying and have been digging the foundations. I have a 6 year old daughter who will come to this school when it is finished. I hope if I do this training I can be someone and earn some money. After the training I want to get even better and become a contractor.”

Andrew, Katuba trainee

The pupils can’t wait for the new classroom to be finished, there are currently 135 pupils at the school, but many children do not come to lessons as the current community built classroom is in such a bad condition.

The new buildings will be completed by December and we look forward to keeping you updated with how the trainees and the building is progressing.