Zambezi Sawmills Community School

Dynamic Head Teacher Mrs Belita Tembo Zulu runs a successful and thriving school. Zambezi Sawmills Community School teaches some of the most vulnerable children from the densely populated area around the school, 4km from Livingstone town centre.

But the school does not have enough classrooms. With over 755 pupils, there is urgent need for additional space.  New classrooms will help ease overcrowding. It will allow the school to take in some of the children they currently have to turn away at the school gates.


Class at Zambezi Sawmills Community School

“Our aim is to level the field, that the children can be something in the future, have an education and a career”

Mrs Belita Tembo Zulu, Headteacher at Zambezi Sawmills School

Current classrooms can have between 70 – 100 children. Teachers are unable to give enough attention to individual learners as they struggle to divide their time between so many children.

More children means more noise, which can impact on concentration. Overcrowding can cause issues around discipline, with even the best teachers sometimes struggling to manage such large number of pupils. All this can have a hugely negative impact on children’s academic performance.

We want to help more children get the best education they can.

In 2022 we want to build three new classrooms and a computer room at Zambezi Sawmills Community School to help ease overcrowding, and improve the children’s education. It means fewer children will be turned away at the school gates. A new latrine block will help encourage more girls to stay in school as they grow up.

Will you support us in #BuildingBrighterFutures for the children at Zambezi Sawmills?

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