Construction at Chitukuko now complete

We are delighted to announce that construction work at this project is now complete.

Chitukuko 17.01.31. 1x3 classroom finished 1600
After forty-four weeks of construction the three classroom block, teacher’s house, latrine block and water pump will be handed over to the community on the 14th of February. The construction was contracted to two Build It graduates, Emmanual from Kabaka in 2013 and Aaron from Kawama in 2010.

Twenty trainee builders, selected from the community, received building skills training whilst building the new facilities. They can be proud to have made a lasting impact on their community. They took their nationally recognised trades exams at the end of November. The results, expected in February, will be their first step for self-reliance as they use their qualifications to find work in the construction sector.

Build It will continue to support the trainees from Chitukuko as we hold Career Development activities throughout 2017. Helping graduates to get over the huddles of getting their first job and enabling them to fulfil their hopes of employment.

The new school can now become a centre for change in this relocated community, becoming a focal point for future development. There will be plenty of work for the twenty new builders as the community expands and grows due to the new school facilities.

Our thanks to all Build It supporters who have made this project possible.