Construction completed at Mwala

The construction of three new classrooms has been completed at Mwala Community School, where over 500 pupils urgently needed new classrooms because they were learning in temporary tents.

Mwala 16.02.19 1x2 children in front of classroom 1600EDIT

Build It International worked with the Mwala community and 20 local trainee builders to build fit for purpose classrooms. The pupils and teachers are delighted with the new classrooms:

Mwala 16.02.19 grade 4 pupils Danny Mzumira outside classroom 150“I am happy that I will get to learn in a new classroom this year, one with roofing and a floor so that when it’s raining my feet won’t be wet from the rains coming into class. The tents I used to learn in started shaking a lot, we were scared they’d one day fall on us. It is nice to know that we don’t have to worry about that anymore.”
Danny, Grade 4 pupil at Mwala Community School


Twenty trainee builders, selected from the local community, spent nine months learning basic construction skills whilst helping to construct the new classrooms. Six trainees also received additional rough carpentry training.

Eighteen of the twenty original trainees at the Mwala project took a TEVETA bricklaying exam in November 2015, we were delighted that all eighteen have passed, and have taken their first step into a career as a builder.

The community also provided support and have contributed their time, helping to sieve the earth that was used to produce earth bricks and breaking up stones that were used in cement.