Forging ahead at Kamaila

Great progress has been made at Kamaila Community School and the walls of the new classroom block have gone up.

The trainees have been learning about the installation of doors and windows, and key safety issues around working at height.

Health and Safety is a very important area for us; unfortunately it is often seriously overlooked on many construction sites in Zambia. We have worked to ensure that H&S is embedded into all our training programmes and on our community project sites to help keep everyone safe.

The dynamic head teacher at Kamaila School is Mrs Simpande Jolly Luzango. She has established a well organised, effective school with motivated teachers and extra-curricular activities.

“I really salute you for what you are doing for Kamaila. I don’t know how to thank you. We were using buildings which were a risk to teacher’s and children lives. We are already really proud of this building you are building for us. God blesses you abundantly.”