Further schools benefiting from your support

28 February 2021.

Your generous support to our Safe Hands appeal means we have been distributing more essential supplies to schools in Zambia.

In February, a further eight schools benefited from face masks, soap, hand sanitizers, granular chlorine and no-contact digital thermometers to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

At Bissell Community School, 453 face masks and 453 bars of soaps were given out – this is one for every pupil and every teacher at the school.

Grace Chaitezwi, a teacher at Bissell, shared a few words on the impact the pandemic is having on the children:

“Covid-19 has negatively affected the children in terms of performance. Because of social distancing, we alternate when they come in and this slows the rate at which we can teach.

Most children ask if Covid-19 is real. They ask why they have to come to school on one day, and miss the next day. It is really a challenge to make them understand the ‘new normal.’”

Your support is helping pupils like 13-year old Patricia, who is in Grade 6 at Bissell Community School.


Bissell Community School pupil Patricia holding her bar of soap distributed as part of Safe Hands initiative

We asked Patricia:

  • What is your favourite lesson: Mathematics
  • What would you like to do when you are older: When I finish school, I want to be a nurse because I like to help sick people
  • What is the most interesting thing your teacher said today: That if I work hard, I will achieve my dreams!

Thank you for your support.

Together we are #BuildingBrighterFutures for children in Zambia.