Kabaka community clear the way for new school

The enthusiastic Kabaka community in central Zambia have been working hard to clear the site of their first ever dedicated school building.

Kabaka 13.04.27 community levelling site 1600The community volunteers have been enthusiastically clearing vegetation, tree stumps and termite mounds, shifting earth and leveling the site of the school and teacher’s house.

Now that the site has been cleared, stabilised soil blocks (bricks) will be constructed from the shifted earth. This sustainable building method is environmentally friendly and ideal for use in rural areas like Kabaka because the production of the bricks does not require electricity or the use of a kiln.

The school, part of Build It’s 2013 construction programme, is eagerly anticipated by the people of Kabaka. Local children are currently taught in wood and thatch shelters as the nearest community school is a 10-15km walk away.

10-15 trainee builders will be recruited from the local area, and will learn practical skills on site, building a 3-classroom block, ventilation improved pit (VIP) latrines and a teacher’s house for the Kabaka community.

The Kabaka community school project is generously funded by our corporate partner BGL Group.