Lighting up Libuyu

Installation of electrics and plumbing is well underway in the new Maternity and Infant Health Unit at Libuyu Health Centre.

Mains electric and an effective water supply will vastly improve the facilities available at the clinic, and significantly improve health and safety for Mums and their children.

30-year old Sarah and her husband Luka have two children, and one on the way. They have been living in Libuyu for 7 years.

Sarah was visiting the clinic for antenatal services. Sarah thinks the new facilities will make a big difference to the local community:

“I feel this is a great thing. I hope the new building will help enhance privacy. It will encourage more women to deliver at the clinic, rather than delivering at home or risk travelling to distant clinics.”

Expectant Mum Sarah at Libuyu Health Centre

Site tour for some of the clinicians at Libuyu Health Centre

Inspection of the work at Libuyu Health Centre

Second fix plumbing and electrics. Improved sanitation, with additional toilets and showers, was a key objectives for this new maternity wing

Water supply network to Libuyu Maternity Clinic

Our construction team has now started plastering

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