New skills, new facilities

27 August 2020.

Six Build It graduates are receiving additional training as part of our Safe Hands programme to build group hand washing stations in local schools. It means new skills to help them find work; it means new facilities to improve the health of children in their communities.

The six graduates will be divided into two groups of three, and will be supervised by one of our Site Agents Bongani Munyenyembe.

One of the graduates is twenty-nine year old Justine Malumo who trained with us in Brick and Blocklaying at the Centre for Excellence last year.



Justine puts it down to his hard work and humility as to why he has been chosen to work on the Safe Hands programme.

Before his training, Justine was farming maize. He was introduced to Build It by a friend who had trained with us and was doing well.

Justine wanted to shared a few words:

“I would like to say thank you for the skills to improve my livelihood. These skills are not easy to access; most companies require that someone already has the skills and also the Personal Protection Equipment – I am grateful to now have both the skills and the tools to use.

I will use these skills very well… You can become a farmer but sometimes the season can be bad, like the 2018-2019 rainy season when harvest was very, very poor.”

His new skills means Justine can take care of his six-year old son and two-year daughter whatever the seasons bring. Justine also wants to finish school and is saving to retake his Grade 12 examinations, with the ambition to go onto college to study Engineering.

The additional training will mean that Justine and the others will manage the delivery of the projects themselves, becoming increasingly self-sufficient and helping them into more sustained employment.

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