New student toilet block at the Centre for Excellence

Training at our Centre for Excellence continues to expand, which means that additional toilet facilities are required for our growing number of trainees.

Work will start shortly on construction of a new student toilet block. The building will be fit for purpose promoting safe hygiene practices.

It will also demonstrate and showcase our commitment to sustainability. The design incorporates natural lighting and rainwater harvesting, with grey water to be recycled for watering the gardens. Natural ventilation and solar power for the lights will also feature.ย It is a durable and robust design, requiring low maintenance.

The structure encompasses two independent toilet blocks for men and women. These are adjacent to each other, but facing in opposite directions. This arrangement allows the two blocks to have independent access by separating the two entrances, but links them through the hand washing facility and rainwater harvesting tanks.

Conceptual sketches

tudent toilet block at Centre for Excellence - Conceptual sketches

3D render

Image of the Student toilet block at the Centre for Excellence

We are committed to supporting more women through our training programme at the Centre for Excellence. We have incorporated additional features into the design of the new facilities to allow female trainees to manage their menstruation with privacy, confidence and dignity.

This includes water available inside the facilities for women to wash and for the cleansing of menstrual products. Private menstrual waste disposal bins will be available and there will be a 3/4 length mirror to check clothes are not stained. The design will encompass non-transparent materials, minimal gaps and lockable doors.

We look forward to sharing more details as the build progresses.