Safe Hands Phase Two

1 September 2021.

Your incredible support to our Safe Hands programme means a further ten schools in Zambia will benefit from new hand wash stations.

40 hand wash stations were built by our team of our young construction graduates through the first phase of Safe Hands. The new facilities were installed across 26 schools, and are helping to benefit over 27,000 children. They are playing a key role in helping these schools in the battle against COVID-19, and other infectious diseases.

Your continued support means we can extend the Safe Hands programme into a second phase. Work will start this month on the construction of hand wash stations in ten schools across the Lusaka District.

The schools were identified after consultation with the District Education Board office. The schools have high enrolment levels, but little or no proper hand wash stations. The first schools will be Chaisa Combined School (Grades 1 – 11) with 3,002 pupils, Lilanda Combined School (Grades 1 – 11) with 3,485 pupils, and Chingwere Primary School (Grades 1 – 9) with 2,031 pupils.

We will build a combination of single hand wash stations with space for 18 children, and double hand wash stations with space for 36 children to wash their hands all at the same time. We look forward to sharing updates as work gets underway.

With Zambia only just through its most serious wave of the pandemic so far, the need for hand wash facilities in schools across the country remains critical.

So many schools still need support. As a result, we continue raising funds to help 30 schools. If you would like to make a donation to Safe Hands Phase Two, please click here.

Thank you. Together we are #BuildingBrighterFutures in Zambia.