Progress at Kabaka

The new school for the Kabaka community is really starting to take shape. The foundations of the building are now complete and our trainees will soon start brick laying

The 20 new trainees are learning their construction skills under the watchful eye of experienced contractor Zulu, who has impressed us with his great work on previous Build It projects at Donata, Nchute and Butempa.
There are currently 268 children enrolled at the existing school in Kabaka. Head teacher Mr Kalunga believes the new school will bring about a further increase in children from the local community coming to school.
Housing for teachers is also being built at the site, which will mean that the Zambian Ministry of Education will be able to send trained teachers to the school, increasing the quality of education that the pupils receive.

I am expecting 5 new teachers in January to be sent by the Ministry of Education, which is great news for the new school!

Mr Kalunga said.
The school will be transformed over the next few months as the project nears its scheduled completion date in 2014. Meanwhile in the UK, staff at The BGL Group have been enthusiastically fundraising for the school and are doing an incredible job. Twenty fundraisers will visit the school in 2014 to see the results of their fundraising first hand.