Chibolya Community School, 2011

Previously there was:

Chibolya Community School is located in a peri-urban compound outside Mazabuka in the Southern province.

Historically, school provision in the area has been wholly inadequate. There was only one government primary school in the area and there is and no secondary school, for a population of up to 10,000.

CEHO (Chibolya Education and Health Organisation), a local community group, set up a small pre-school in response to the lack of facilities. The community previously ran the school out of a rented beer hall, which was in poor condition.

With your support:

In early 2012, we completed a new two-classroom primary school building as well as a nursery building. The new facilities we have provided are far better learning and teaching environment for the children at the school.

The school is supported by Zambia Orphans of AIDS (ZOA). Build It International worked with ZOA and the local community to build the new school. While the nursery school is well established, the new primary school has enabled many children to access basic education for the first time.

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