Safety on site

29 April 2020.

Schools, cinemas, bars, gyms and many shops in Zambia are closed, with restaurants only providing take-away services. The authorities have asked people to avoid non-essential travel. However Zambia is not in lock-down and businesses continue to operate.

Construction work continues on our two current sites. Finishing touches are being put on the second teachers’ house at Chitukuko Community School (2019 project) and construction has started on the office at the Centre for Excellence, due to be completed by the end of 2020.

Staff safety is paramount and although the Zambian government has not announced any directions for the construction industry, we have implemented:

  • Additional hand-washing facilities on sites
  • Provision of face masks
  • Reduction of the number of workers on site
  • Engagement of only workers who can reach the sites without needing to use public transport
  • Maintenance of social distancing rules as far as possible
  • Daily Health and Safety briefings with a focus on COVID-19, with compliance closely monitored