The walls are up at Mukuyu Community School

It’s fantastic to see the progress being made by our community trainees on the new classroom block at Mukuyu Community School.

The current school was built by the local community who were determined to help their children get an education. Several years later the building is crumbling, cramped and unsafe for the 231 pupil now enrolled at the school.

The community urgently needs a safe school building where their children can learn.

Under supervision of Build It Site Agent Ian Chiteula and the contractors, our young trainees have made good progress on building the walls of the classroom block.

Doors and windows have been installed, and work progressed on the reinforced concrete strong room which will securely hold the school’s exam papers.

Work then moved onto construction of the ring beam – the horizontal supports for brick walls. Made from steel reinforced concrete, they provide the tensile strength that brick and blockwork lacks.

The gable walls are now up, and work is underway on the construction of the trusses and timber roof structure… before the start of the rainy season!

Your support means we are also building a latrine block at Mukuyu to improve the health and well-being of the children, and to encourage more girls to stay in school as they grow up. We are making improvement to the teacher’s houses to encourage more qualified teachers to come and teach at the school.

Together we are building brighter futures in Zambia.