Trainees begin bricklaying at at Chitukuko

Working hard since July, the trainees have begun to lay the walls of the new school.


Build It International is building a new school and providing building skills training to twenty people from the local area who will build the new school, teacher’s house and sanitation block. It is our hope that the new primary school will become the focal point of the new community and encourage further development.

The trainees have done more than just learning construction skills. For the first time, Build It International taught ‘Life Skills’ to its Training into Work Programme, designed to help trainees to develop self-confidence, better decision-making, and communication skills. Mable is really enjoying learning new skills:

“I never had a chance to go to school. My parents didn’t see the need of a girl being educated. To earn a living and support my children I used to sell tomatoes and vegetables. But now, I have learnt so much. I have learnt life skills, I have learnt what it is like to work as a team. I also know about self-help groups and how we can empower ourselves so that my life truly will never be the same after I leave this training program.”
Mable, Build It Trainee at Chitukuko Project.


The twenty trainees have been hard at work at Chitukuko, since July they have dug the excavations of the buildings, built the foundation blockwork and completed the foundation by laying a concrete slab. Over the next few weeks the trainees will lay the earth block walls and fit windows and door frames.

The Chitukuko community have also been assisting with the project, they have volunteered labour to help clear the construction site, have collected some of the raw materials needed for construction, and have taken part in earth block production. Mr. Saul, a member of the Chitukuko community said: “I am happy to be a part of this work, the school will give my grandchildren a chance at education.” Mr. Salu, Chitukuko community member.