Training resumes at the Centre for Excellence

5 August 2020.

Following a successful inspection by the Zambia National Public Health Institute, we are delighted to announce that training at our Centre for Excellence has restarted.

“After nearly four months away, it’s great to welcome our trainees back to the centre,” said Sughra Hussain, Build It Country Director.

“Safety is paramount, and we have implemented a number of measures across the site. We continue to closely monitor the ongoing situation around COVID-19, but we are delighted that our trainees are allowed back into their classrooms.”

It’s a thumbs up from carpentry trainees Joseph and Christine!

Three groups of trainees were learning when the centre had to close in March. Our Brick and Blocklaying trainees and Rough Carpentry trainees are now back on site. Start times have been staggered and class sizes reduced to have no more than 20 trainees on site at any one time to begin with. Trainees will also continue to be supported on home through our distance learning programme.

Trainees learning on the construction of the new office at the centre are also returning. The build has continued during their absence, so additional support will be provided to bring them up to speed on what they have missed.

Around 70% of our trainees have returned to the centre in the first week which is very encouraging.

The inspection by the Zambia National Public Health Institute confirmed that we meet all the requirements set out by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education, including establishment of protocols to reduce risk of transmission and establishment of a COVID-19 task team.

Temperature checks conducted on arrival

Enhanced cleaning has been implemented across the centre with regular cleaning of tools and equipment, tables, chairs and work surfaces. Sanitising stations have been set up around the site and strict cleansing rules will be applied and be monitored.

Individual areas have been established and marked out for trainees, both in classrooms areas and external practise spaces, to maintain appropriate social distancing. Staff will help supervise and manage the movement of trainees around the centre throughout the day.