Safe hands at Shifwankula Secondary School

5 August 2020.

Many schools in Zambia do not have enough or adequate hand washing facilities, vital in the battle against COVID-19.

Schools like Shifwankula Secondary School. Situated 10km from our Centre for Excellence, this large Government run school has 1,424 pupils from grades 8 – 12. Its Primary School has 3,556 pupils registered.

We want to build group hand washing stations at this busy school. Designed to cope with a lot of use they should last for many years to come.


Shifwankula Secondary School Headteacher Mr Mawere shared his thoughts on the new facilities and what they would mean to the school:

“The new group hand wash stations will increase number of hand washing points, reducing the time all the pupils take to wash their hands and helping avoid children waiting in queues. This is a big plus in the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

For security purposes, permanent facilities are better than movable ones and will last much longer.

The facilities will significantly enhance the hygiene levels at the school, not only for the pupils but, staff as well. They will motivate both the learners and staff to develop a culture of washing hands even after the Covid-19 pandemic has passed”.

Mr Mawere, Headteacher Shifwankula Secondary School

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