Work is well under way at Chibolya Phase II

We first worked with the Chibolya community back in 2011, completing a new two-classroom primary school and a nursery school building. This year we are returning to build another 1×2 classroom block.

Chibolya 14.05.13 foundation trench excavation(1)
Work began in April and so far the site has been cleared and fencing has been installed. The contractor, Delta Works, have begun to dig foundation trenches for the new school.
They will shortly be joined by the 15 local men and women who will be recruited from the community as new trainees on the project. They will learn basic building skills on site and have the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification in construction. The new recruits will be joined by a number of Build It graduate trainees who are looking to gain even more experience in the construction sector.
One of the first jobs that the trainees will get involved in is the production of the hydraform blocks that will be used in the construction of the school. The blocks are made of local soil and a small amount of cement, and are formed by pouring the soil mix into a hydraulic formation machine – hence the name ‘hydra form’. The blocks are then left to cure in the sun.
We look forward to keeping you up to date on progress at Chibolya, and introducing you to the trainees.