All finished at Mukuyu

We are excited to share the news that building work at Mukuyu Community School is finished!

The construction of the trusses and timber roof structure was completed well before the start of the rainy reason.

With the roof laid, work progressed to filling around the beams and work on the air vents. Doors and windows were glazed and painted.

We look forward to sharing photos as the children start using their new classrooms.

In addition to the classrooms, the school now has a new latrine block. This will improve the health and wellbeing of the children, as well as encouraging more girls to stay in school as they grow up.

Ventilated Improved Pit latrines have ventilation pipes at the back of the structure. Improved air circulation helps to both reduce smells and prevent the spread of diseases caused by flies and mosquitoes which are attracted to the pits. The latrines can be emptied and reused.

We have designed and moulded new concrete basins for the latrines with space for a plastic tippy tap. Although tippy taps are not very durable, they are practical for fetching water and cheap to replace when broken. Placing the basins in a corner creates a small platform for the tippy tap. The basins drain into the pit through plumbing installed in advance under the concrete slab.

We also made improvements to an existing teacher’s house close to the school. This will help encourage more qualified teachers to come and teach at the school.

Thank you for your support – together we are #BuildingBrighterFutures