Hand washing stations completed at Moomba Schools

2 October 2020.

As well as supporting schools we have worked with in the past, our Safe Hands Appeal is an opportunity to expand support to other schools in the local area.

Situated just over 4km from our Centre for Excellence, Moomba Primary and Moomba Boarding Secondary Schools are large, Government run schools with a total of over 3,000 pupils.

Two hand washing stations have just been installed by our team of graduates:

New hand wash station for pupils at Moomba Secondary School

Moomba Secondary School Deputy Headteacher Kate Musukwa Mutale shared what the new station means to the school:

“As a school, we are grateful for this donation as it will go a long way in cushioning the 10 plastic hand washing facilities that are currently being used against a population of 1064 pupils. The plastic buckets are not durable and they easily break compared to the permanent one. Also the first lesson is no longer being delayed, with the number of pupils now able to wash their hands all at the same time. On behalf of Moomba Secondary and indeed on my behalf, I wish to sincerely thank you. May God bless you”.

The teachers of Moomba Primary School test out the new facilities for their pupils

We continue to raise funds for our Safe Hands Appeal, and hope to be able to build further stations at Moomba.

Please do help us spread the word so we can raise ยฃ100,000 to support 20,000 children โ€“ thatโ€™s ยฃ5 per child, to donate please click here.

Thank you.