Helping schools to reopen safely

22 January 2021.

The reopening of schools across Zambia after the Christmas holiday has been delayed by two weeks until 1 February. This is due to the rapid increase in cases of COVID-19.

The Zambian Government says that this two-week period aims to allow schools to put in place measures to help protect learners and teachers. When schools will reopen will depend on how ready the school is.

Unfortunately, the concern is that many school do not have the resources they need to safely reopen. That is why your support of our Safe Hands initiative is so important.

So far we have built 21 hand wash stations at 13 schools, with two more currently under construction.

It means clean hands for the children at large, crowded schools like Moomba Primary School with 2,200 pupils and Shifwankula Secondary School with 1,424 pupils, where the risk of infection spreading is high.

It also means clean hands for children at smaller rural schools like Machaya Community School and Bissell Community School, which often lack access to essential resources and services.

We continue raising funds for Safe Hands – if you would like to make a donation, please click here.

Together we are #BuildingBrighterFutures in Zambia.