Walls going up at Light of Hope School

Our construction team has been making great progress on the new facilities for Light of Hope School on the outskirts of Livingstone.

To keep everyone safe during the pandemic, we wanted to reduce the number of people working onsite. As a result, we contracted a smaller team of more experienced Build It graduates to deliver this work.

Build It Site Agent Ian Chiteula with graduate Emmanuel Mukuka who is leading the construction of the classroom block.

Emmanuel trained with us at our Kabaka Community School project back in 2013, and has since worked on a number of our projects. Emmanuel and his team have been installing window and door-frames in the 3-classroom block.

As well as classrooms and a teacher’s office, the block will have a strong room so exam papers can be kept secure. This gives the school the opportunity to become a registered exam centre in the future.

Brickwork on the teacher’s house is currently just above lintel level. The house will have two bedrooms, living space and an outside kitchen

We are using our new design for the house which we piloted at Chitukuko Community School. Having suitable accommodation available means that the Ministry of Education will allocate qualified teachers to come to Light of Hope School.

Progress on the Ventilated Pit Latrine

The new latrine block will help improve the health and wellbeing of the children. In addition, a group hand wash station will be constructed with space for 18 children to wash their hands all at the same time. Developed as part of our Safe Hands work, this will help to reduce the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19.

Mr Luka Tonga, Headman of Kalaluka village, shared a few words about what the new school means to the children and the local community:


Thank you for your support. Together we are #BuildingBrighterFutures in Zambia.