Mwachisompola Primary School needs a hand UP!

Mwachispompola is a well organised, rural settlement, about an hour north of Zambia’s capital Lusaka.

Since 2004, this community has been committed to providing an education for their children with very limited support from Government. Community leaders and parents recognise the power of education to create opportunities in a tough world. They have succeeded over many years to build a three classroom block and persuade the Ministry of Education to send teachers.

At the moment there are 490 children registered from Grades 1-7. But there are many more children not coming to school because there is not enough teaching space. Although, there are now 11 trained teachers there are only three very basic classrooms. Overcrowding means that most children receive fewer than four hours teaching a day. This school needs and deserves more classrooms.

There is also a desperate need for more toilets, with currently just two crude, long-drops for the whole school, including the teachers.


Together we want to:

  • Build a four-classroom block with capacity for over 200 children. This will include three spacious classrooms, plus one dedicated classroom with power for computers (in the future).
  • Build a fit-for-purpose latrine block with six cubicles. Includes one with disability access, doubling as a washing space for girls.
  • Train 20 local young men and women in building skills whilst constructing the school – to help them gain new skills to be able to secure work after the project.
  • Provide additional support to the school with the provision of desks, books and learning resources. Training and support will also be provided to the Parent Teacher Committee to further strengthen their role and furture opportunities for the school.


We rely on the support of our generous donors to complete this project. If you would like to find out more about how you can give a Hand Up to the children of Mwachisampola, and support the construction of this much-needed facility; please contact Lisa Carson, Head of Fundraising & Communications,