Zambezi Sawmills School opening celebrations

The Build It team was proud to be in attendance at this special event last Thursday. We were joined by Mr Charles Miyoba, the District Education Board Secretary for Livingstone. Mr Miyoba was extremely impressed with the new facilities, and urged the community to “…look after this gift”.  

The school children put on quite a show, and it was really clear how proud they are of their new school.  They danced, sang and read a poem expressing their thanks to all the supporters who have helped make it happen:

As they danced they handed over the scissors to Mr Miyoba, who proudly cut the ribbon to mark the official opening!

A key part of the celebrations was also the graduation ceremony of our Build It trainees, who helped construct the school as part of their training.

Their parents and siblings (who also attend the school) were clapping and cheering, and were so proud of their fantastic achievement.  The atmosphere was one of sheer excitement. 

The headmistress, Miss Belita Zulu said;

“We are so grateful for this building you have given us.  This building has really bought happiness and added beauty to our school, it has even added to our enrolment.  At the moment we have 1020 learners, this year we managed to open our first grade 8 class, 36 girls and 14 boys, because of this building that you gave us. Thank you!”