A new school for the Kabaka community

Earlier this week Albert Lungu, Build It’s Project Manager, met with the Kabaka community to discuss the design of a new school for the community.

Kabaka 12.11 shelter used as school

Kabaka is part of our 2013 building programme. We will build a new 3 classroom block, a teacher’s house and V.I.P (Ventilation Improved Pit) Latrines for the rural community 26Km west of Kapiri Mposhi in Kapiri District, Zambia.

The current school uses two temporary classrooms made of sticks and grass (pictured). There are currently 258 pupils, 171 girls and 87 boys, on the school register.

The local community are already working hard to prepare for the new school, collecting around 40 tonnes of materials for use in construction.

Once all the materials have been collected 10 -15 local men and women will be selected to join our Training into Work programme and construction of a new school for the 258 pupils will begin.

In the video below we speak to the community chair, the headteacher and some of the children at Kabaka to find out the difference a new school will make.

The Kabaka community school project is generously funded by our corporate partner BGL Group.