Improving facilities at Libuyu Health Centre

Construction of a new maternity unit at Libuyu Health Centre is in full swing.

The centre is situated in a densely populated part of Livingstone, approximately 4km from the town centre. It serves a population of over 20,000 people.

The new Maternity and Infant Health Unit at the clinic will be a single storey building housing an antenatal ward and a post-natal ward. There will be more beds, and more privacy. A new delivery room will increase safety and capacity.

Proposed new maternity ward at Libuyu Health Centre

Setting out – transferring the design from paper to the land. Key points and guide markers were set out.

Libuyu Health Clinic - Foundation trench markings of the building

Construction work is being led by Build It graduates Emmanuel, Benson and Mike, who recently completed our project at Light of Hope Community School. The work is being overseen by our Site Agent Bongani Munyenyembe.

Excavations for the foundations

Libuyu Health Clinic - Foundation excavations

The site has a lot of water service pipes, some of which have had to be re-routed. In addition, excavations discovered buried pits filled with plastic waste. The plastic had to be removed and the earth recompacted to stabilise the ground. This will help avoid any uneven settlement in the future.

The community living around the health centre has played an active role in the project. Most recently they have contributed 40 tons of building sand and 20 tons of laterite towards the build. They have also provided some labour, helping with the excavations for the foundations.

Graduate Mike working on the concrete casting

Libuyu Health Clinic - Mike levelling the concrete footing

The concrete slab was poured and levelled

Libuyu Health Clinic - Mike floating the slab

Graduate Emmanuel and team set out the ‘superstructure’ – the part of the building above ground level

Libuyu Health Clinic - Superstructure setting out

Libuyu Health Clinic - Concrete blockwork under way

The team have made great progress with the blockwork, and are currently fitting door and window frames

Libuyu Health Centre - Door and window frames being fitted

We look forward to sharing more photos and updates as the build progresses.

Thank you for your continued support.