Mwala Community School

Mar 02,2016

Construction completed at Mwala

The construction of three new classrooms has been completed at Mwala Community School, where over 500 pupils urgently needed new classrooms because they were learning in temporary tents. Build It International worked with the Mwala community and 20 local trainee builders to build fit for purpose classrooms. The pupils and teachers are delighted with the […]

Oct 16,2015

Classrooms taking shape at Mwala

The construction of three new classrooms has reached roof level at Mwala Community School, where over 500 pupils urgently need new classrooms because they are learning in temporary tents. Build It International are working with the Mwala community and 20 local trainee builders to build new fit for purpose classrooms. The trainee builders are growing […]

Jul 30,2015

Foundations laid at Mwala

The 20 trainees at Mwala community school have been very busy and have laid the foundations of three new fit-for-purpose hexagonal classrooms. [divider_flat] [divider_flat] The new classrooms will replace inadequate and overcrowded tents that are currently being used as emergency classrooms at a school with over 500 pupils. The teachers and pupils are very excited […]

May 13,2015

Work starts on new classrooms at Mwala Community School

We are continuing to work with the Mwala community, training a further 20 people to build three new classrooms for over 500 pupils who are currently learning in temporary tents. [divider_flat] [divider] 16 men and 4 women have been selected to join our Training into Work programme. The trainees are learning basic construction skills to […]

Apr 20,2015

Trainees Pass Bricklaying Exams

62 of our most recent trainees have passed their TEVETA bricklaying exams – congratulations to them! [divider_flat] [divider_flat] 64 trainees sat the TEVETA bricklaying exam in December and we are very proud that 62 passed – giving an overall pass rate of 97% for 2014. [divider_flat] Those who passed will receive their tool kits and […]

Jan 12,2015

Finding a Job Workshop

Our 2014 graduate trainees have taken part in workshops to help them search, apply and secure an interview for a job in the construction industry. [divider_flat] [divider_flat] As part of our wider Training into Work programme, we support our graduate trainees as they develop their new careers as builders. [divider] The Finding a Job workshop […]

Dec 01,2014

Trainees Sit Bricklaying Exams

68 trainees took their TEVETA bricklaying exams last week, marking the end of 8 months of construction training. Our trainees have learnt a number of new skills whilst building new classroom blocks, teachers’ housing and latrines for their communities. As part of their training they have been taught a range of construction skills, including: bricklaying, […]

Oct 17,2014

Clean water for Mwala

Happiness for the community as a new clean water pump is installed [divider_flat] The Mwala community now have access to a safe, reliable water source, thanks to your support. [divider] The pump will make a huge difference to the children and pupils at the school, and the wider community. Mwala School’s head teacher, Mrs. Muntengu […]

water and sanitation
Sep 09,2014

Providing access to water and sanitation in Zambia

Work will soon begin on new water and sanitation facilities for the remote village of Mwala. [divider_flat] [divider_flat] In Zambia, over one third of the population has a lack of access to clean water and more than half lack access to proper sanitation facilities. Inadequate water and sanitation is a major cause of disease, reducing […]

Jun 25,2014

Mwala Fundraising Appeal

We urgently need your help to transform the Mwala community: Over 500 children are taught between just three classrooms and one hot, unstable tent. Due to the inadequate facilities, attendance rates are dropping every day. [divider] Currently at Mwala: There are only three classrooms for over 500 children There is no adequate sanitation There is […]