Jude Fox and John Hindson
Oct 18,2021

Fond farewell to John Hindson

We bid a fond farewell to John Hindson, our Head of Finance and Planning (Deputy CEO) who retires at the end of this month. John joined Build It in October 2008 when our income was under £100,000! John has played a critical role in developing our finance and administrative systems as we have expanded. Build […]

Oct 08,2021

Building a legacy

The BGL Legacy programme marks the end of a hugely successful partnership between the BGL Group and Build It International. Over seven years, the partnership has impacted on the lives of over 100,000 people in Zambia through the development of five community schools and a health centre. The 12-month Legacy programme means we’ll be back […]

Mrs Belita Tembo Zulu - Headteacher at Zambezi Sawmills Community School
Oct 01,2021

Zambezi Sawmills Community School

Dynamic Head Teacher Mrs Belita Tembo Zulu runs a successful and thriving school. Zambezi Sawmills Community School teaches some of the most vulnerable children from the densely populated area around the school, 4km from Livingstone town centre. But the school does not have enough classrooms. With over 755 pupils, there is urgent need for additional […]

Sep 29,2021

Redevelopment of Libuyu Health Centre

Libuyu Health Centre is situated in a densely populated part of Livingstone, Zambia and serves a population of over 20,000 people. As well as building a new Maternity and Infant Health unit, we want to improve and redevelop the existing clinic. Libuyu is one of the fastest growing communities in Livingstone. Several major employers in […]

Image of the Student Toilet Block at the Centre for Excellence
Sep 28,2021

New student toilet block at the Centre for Excellence

Training at our Centre for Excellence continues to expand, which means that additional toilet facilities are required for our growing number of trainees. Work will start shortly on construction of a new student toilet block. The building will be fit for purpose promoting safe hygiene practices. It will also demonstrate and showcase our commitment to […]

Pupils at Chombela Primary School washing their hands - Safe Hands
Sep 01,2021

Safe Hands Phase Two

1 September 2021. Your generous support to our Safe Hands programme means a further ten schools in Zambia will benefit from new hand wash stations. 40 hand wash stations were built by our team of our young construction graduates through the first phase of Safe Hands. The new facilities were installed across 26 schools, and […]

2021 Plastering trainees returning to the Centre for Excellence
Aug 31,2021

Back to class

31 August 2021. We are delighted to start welcoming our plastering trainees back to the Centre for Excellence. The 23 trainees were only two weeks into their course when the Centre had to close on 21 June due to the third wave of COVID-19 across Zambia. The number of COVID-19 cases peaked at the end […]

Libuyu Health Centre
Aug 27,2021

Improving facilities at Libuyu Health Centre

Construction of a new maternity unit at Libuyu Health Centre is in full swing. The centre is situated in a densely populated part of Livingstone, approximately 4km from the town centre. It serves a population of over 20,000 people. The new Maternity and Infant Health Unit at the clinic will be a single storey building […]

Katombora toilet and shower block
Aug 24,2021

New facilities completed at Katombora

Construction of a new toilet and shower block at Katombora Reform School is finished. We are delighted to hand over the new facilities which will make a significant contribution to improving health and hygiene at the school. “The construction of the Katombora ablution block has been both exciting and challenging,” explains Build It Site Agent […]

Office at the Centre for Excellence - August 2021
Aug 06,2021

Office at the Centre nearing completion

It is exciting to see construction of the office at the Centre for Excellence approaching the final stages. Progress on this build has been slower than anticipated, impacted by the pandemic and a reduced workforce onsite. The new office means that Build It staff currently based in the centre of Lusaka, will be able to […]