Aug 05,2020

Safe hands at Shifwankula Secondary School

5 August 2020. Many schools in Zambia do not have enough or adequate hand washing facilities, vital in the battle against COVID-19. Schools like Shifwankula Secondary School. Situated 10km from our Centre for Excellence, this large Government run school has 1,424 pupils from grades 8 – 12. Its Primary School has 3,556 pupils registered. Through […]

Aug 05,2020

Training resumes at the Centre for Excellence

5 August 2020. Following a successful inspection by the Zambia National Public Health Institute, we are delighted to announce that training at our Centre for Excellence has restarted. “After nearly four months away, it’s great to welcome our trainees back to the centre,” said Sughra Hussain, Build It Country Director. “Safety is paramount, and we […]

Aug 03,2020

COVID-19: Zambia update

3 August 2020. Africa currently accounts for only a small proportion of total global cases of COVID-19 in terms of overall numbers, but there is growing concern that infection rates are accelerating in many countries across the continent. Zambia confirmed its first two cases of COVID-19 on 18 March 2020. Although Zambia did not go […]

Jul 29,2020

Building our distance learning programme

29 July 2020. With generous support from Irish Aid, our distance learning programme has been helping our trainees keep up with their studies at home. Feedback and participation has been very encouraging, with trainees happy to be able to continue their training. Video lessons continue to be produced by our Training Team and loaded onto […]

Jul 15,2020

Meet Maria

This is Maria Mutambo. Maria is one of our current Brick and Blocklaying trainees. Maria’s training at the Centre for Excellence was put on hold at the end of March, in line with the temporary closure of all Zambian schools and learning institutions due to COVID-19 pandemic.¬†Maria is currently doing her lessons at home through […]

Jul 15,2020

Celebrating World Youth Skills Day, 15 July

World Youth Skills Day acknowledges and celebrates the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship. It highlights the role that young skilled people have in addressing current and future global challenges. For both developed and developing countries, rising youth unemployment is a significant issue with young men and women […]

Jun 23,2020

A cautious reopening of schools, colleges and universities

23 June 2020. Our young trainees are making good progress with their distance learning programme. Each week new lessons and tasks are uploaded onto the tablets by our Training Team, as well as information on COVID-19 to help keep trainees, their families and their communities safe. Training onsite at our Centre for Excellence currently remains […]

Jun 18,2020

Clean hands are safe hands

18 June 2020. Washing your hands regularly with soap and water has been a key health message in the battle against COVID19. But lack of adequate and appropriate facilities means that for many people in Zambia, this just isn’t possible. We have been looking at how we can adapt our work to play our part […]

May 28,2020

Lights, camera, action… on our distance learning programme

28 May 2020. With training at our Centre for Excellence still on hold due to the pandemic, we want to keep our trainees motivated and their new skills fresh in their minds. Our Training Team have been working on our distance learning pilot which will go live next week. It was felt that a series […]

May 27,2020

Construction continues at our Centre for Excellence

Our Centre for Excellence is at the heart of our vision to create more opportunities for young people to learn. Building the centre has been crucial in enabling us to develop and expand our skills training programme. Situated on a two-hectare site on the northern edge of Lusaka, build at the centre started in 2016 […]