Training into Work

Jul 12,2018

World Youth Skills Day, 15 July 2018

Ruth Kampangele is now a tiler. She has built a new house for her grandparents. Build It builds skilled construction workers out of unemployed young men and women in Zambia, women like Ruth so they can earn a living and provide for their families. Ruth had originally thought about becoming an accountant. It was Ruth’s grandfather […]

Dec 01,2017

Trainees Take Their Exams

 84 young Build It trainees have recently taken their National Trades Skills Test. Forty of them have been working on our Community Projects building schools at Bissell and Katole. The other forty four are part of our Fast Track training programme at our new training facility, our Centre For Excellence, just outside Lusaka. This group […]

Apr 19,2017

Build It trainees enter World Skills Competition

The World Skills Competition took place in Zambia from 22 – 24 March 2017. The competition is designed to encourage and inspire young people to take up skills training. The skills competition was part of a UNESCO project, with the aim of selecting the best candidate to represent Zambia at an international competition held later […]

Feb 27,2017

100% pass rate for Build It Trainees in 2016

All 70 of our most recent trainees have passed their TEVETA bricklaying exams – congratulations to them! The 23 women and 47 men sat their TEVETA bricklaying exam in November 2016 after receiving high quality building skills training from our experienced trainers and practical, real-world work experience whilst constructing new schools for their communities. The […]

Oct 24,2016

Life Skills Training

Build It International has introduced a new ‘Life Skills’ module to its Training into Work programme. A total of 59 trainees from three projects took part in the life skills course earlier this month. The new course is designed to help trainees to develop self-confidence, better decision making and communication skills. These new skills will […]

Oct 30,2015

Congratulations to Hope trainees

All 20 trainees at the Hope Community School Project in Lusaka have officially passed their bricklaying trade exams – congratulations to them! The eight women and twelve men will receive their tool kits and certificates at graduation ceremonies held in the coming months. The passing of exams is just the start of the journey for […]

Sep 30,2015

Hope for trainees in Lusaka

Twenty trainees at the Hope Community School have completed their construction training and have taken their TEVETA (Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority) bricklaying exams. [divider] [divider] The trainees are awaiting the results of the exam which will be published by TEVETA in the near future. Trainees who pass the TEVETA bricklaying exam will […]

May 13,2015

Work starts on new classrooms at Mwala Community School

We are continuing to work with the Mwala community, training a further 20 people to build three new classrooms for over 500 pupils who are currently learning in temporary tents. [divider_flat] [divider] 16 men and 4 women have been selected to join our Training into Work programme. The trainees are learning basic construction skills to […]

Apr 20,2015

Trainees Pass Bricklaying Exams

62 of our most recent trainees have passed their TEVETA bricklaying exams – congratulations to them! [divider_flat] [divider_flat] 64 trainees sat the TEVETA bricklaying exam in December and we are very proud that 62 passed – giving an overall pass rate of 97% for 2014. [divider_flat] Those who passed will receive their tool kits and […]

Jan 12,2015

Finding a Job Workshop

Our 2014 graduate trainees have taken part in workshops to help them search, apply and secure an interview for a job in the construction industry. [divider_flat] [divider_flat] As part of our wider Training into Work programme, we support our graduate trainees as they develop their new careers as builders. [divider] The Finding a Job workshop […]